Research on Gender Equality

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2022 Evaluating a linkage between obesity and the occurrence of dental caries among school going children in Sakaka, Al Jouf, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
2022 Diagnostic Accuracy of Ultrasound for Small Bowel Obstruction in Paediatric Population Undergoing Laparotomy Keeping Surgical Findings as the Gold Standard
2022 Comparison of Needle Aspiration and Incision & Drainage in the Management of Lactational Breast Abscess
2022 Validation and Reliability Testing of the Child Oral Impacts on Daily Performances (C-OIDP): Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Psychometric Properties in Pakistani School-Going Children
2021 Paediatric Contacts of Adult COVID-19 Patients: Clinical Parameters, Risk Factors, and Outcome
2020 Screening, diagnosis and geneticstudy of breast cancer patients in Pakistan