Dated: 24-01-2023
Important Notice:
  • Errors and Omissions are accepted.
  • This list is based on data entered by candidates and is subject to any correction/modification in case of any bonafide error, omission, lapse, mistake, fraud or misrepresentation that occurs or is brought to the notice of University Authorities within due time.
  • Mere figuring in this Order of Merit shall not confer any right on the candidate if he/she is otherwise found ineligible on detection of any error/mistake/fraud/misrepresentation at any stage of admissions.
  • Provisional admission is subject to verification of the validity of original documents carried out by the School of Dentistry, Islamabad
  • Any queries / objections / reservations on the merit list may be communicated within 24 hours of issuance of this list on the given email id [email protected]. No query / objection / reservation will be entertained afterwards.
  • Selected candidates are advised to deposit their fee on or before 26-01-2023 04:00 PM to School of Dentistry, Islamabad. Otherwise his/her provisional admission will be cancelled and next merit list will be generated.
  • If more than one candidate is equal up to four decimals, the candidate older in age shall stand higher in merit.
  • The candidates on waiting will be accommodate according to their quota merit as per vacant seats. For further details visit the School of Dentistry, Islamabad.
11th Merit List of BDS for School of Dentistry, Islamabad