To prepare clinicians to practice patient-centered medicine/dentistry of the highest quality; and to identify and answer fundamental questions with regard to prevention and treatment of diseases, in health care delivery and in the basic sciences there by to improve health through leadership, discovery and innovation patient care, education and research.

To advance national health through teaching, research and services, foster innovation, to build and bring about fresh, creative solutions that address the health needs of the Pakistan society.

To attract the best and brightest minds and train them as future national and international leaders, and in setting standards of excellence among faculty, staff and to recruit, retain, nurture and promote those who represent the best in the country

To advance the academic and professional ranks of the very best faculty and staff through mentoring, training and strategic management of career transitions, building upon a diverse community of scientists, clinicians, administrators, staff, trainees and students together with monitoring, transparency and accountability.

To create and provide laboratory infrastructure equipped with FISH (Florescent In Situ Hybridization) and next generation sequencing, DNA Typing, PCR analysis and protein purification processes, for advanced research in genetic and infectious diseases, stem cells and regenerative medicine, gene cloning and translation of laboratory research into products and processes of direct relevance to National health

To come up with high impact factor journals

To improve CSR